Tuesday, July 31, 2007

[Web2PDF Online] Use your own button design

Don't like our button design? Here are the instructions written by one of our users on how to use your own button design.

Friday, July 27, 2007

PDF to Word Conversion Service is coming!

Some of you may remember that our first free service was not document to PDF conversion, but conversion of PDF to other formats. The good news is that we are currently working on bringing that service back.

We just released BCL easyConverter SDK which contains PDF2Word API which allows programmers to convert Acrobat compatible PDF documents to Microsoft Word compatible RTF files. We are going to use this API to power our upcoming PDF2Word Free Online Conversion, just like easyPDF SDK powers the Doc2PDF Online Conversion.

To see what kind of output quality you will get, check out these conversion samples.

If you are a programmer, you can get your hand dirty by downloading the trial copy of easyConverter SDK and convert some of your own PDF documents into PDF. No worries thought, easyConverter SDK is very easy to program. You can get up and running with just 3 lines of code!

1: EasyConverterLib::IPDF2WordPtr pConvObj = NULL;
2: pConvObj.CreateInstance(_T("EasyConverter.PDF2Word"));
3: pConvObj->ConvertToWord (InputFileName, OutputFileName, Password, From, To);

Not only that, BCL easyConverter SDK allows development of robust, multi-threaded systems that can be easily scaled for enterprise class applications. Robust exception handling allows you to develop applications that run nonstop 24 x 7. PDF documents can be converted from file to file or memory and from memory to memory for fast application.

We are really excited of the possibilies that BCL easyConverter SDK and the upcoming PDF2Word Online service can bring, and are looking forward to hear your comments on this. In the mean time, you can sign up to be notified when the service is up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[Web2PDF Online] Term #7 Explained

There was a concern that term #7 in our Terms-of-Use sounds like we retain the copyright for any webpage converted to pdf using our service. What it actually means is that we have a royalty-free license (i.e., permission) from the author of the uploaded content for that uploaded content to be on our server(s), both in the uploaded format as well as the converted format. The author(s) of the document do not relinquish any copyrights to us.

The revised term is as follow:

7. License of Your Content to Provider. By uploading your content to the Web Site for processing into PDF format, you are granting Provider a royalty-free license for the uploaded content to be processed into PDF format and for that uploaded content to be present on the Web Site server(s) after it has been processed into and exists in PDF format for retrieval by users.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Web2PDF Online Widget is now available

Now it's your chance to gives your visitors the ability to convert useful information in your website into PDF.... and it's free!

To sign up, go to: http://web2.pdfonline.com/

So, why would your visitors want the PDF version of your webpages?

1. Unlike bookmarking, saving to PDF preserves the information found in your website.
2. PDF file is a lot easier to manage in the hard drive than HTML.
3. PDF is portable which makes it easy to send around using email.
4. PDF is multi platform, so it doesn't matter where it is created.

Other Benefits

1. Beside providing the PDF feature to your website visitors, Web2PDF Online also allows you to quickly convert any web page that you want into PDF. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the web page. Learn more...

2. When your visitor are converting your web pages into PDF, they are basically "printing" it to PDF. So having printer friendly web pages will greatly improve the PDF output. There is a good article by Amit Agarwal on how to provide your visitors with printer friendly pages.

How do I get started?

After you sign up, just follow these 3 easy steps to get started:

1. Set the conversion options and test it against any website.
2. Generate the JavaScript.
3. Copy-and-paste the JavaScript into their webpage(s).

Click here for more information.

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