Thursday, October 16, 2008

Convert Your PDF to Word Online

Now you can use PDF2Word Online to convert your PDF into editable Word Documents for free. The PDF to Word conversion unlocks your PDF to let you edit, reuse, or analyze data in your PDF. Simply go to, upload your PDF document and download your converted word document when it is completed.

What People Say About PDF2Word Online

Absolutely brilliant!!! I hate PDF's because you cannot edit the documents and this is superb. AND FREE on top of that!! Keep up the good work!
- Madeleine

I often receive PDF documents from clients which require a response. Being able to convert them to Word this easily makes my job that much more efficient. Without this service I often have to retype 12-20 page documents.
- Mike Osman

This has been a life saver for my college dissertations and research. I have been able to access and study more effectively because of this program.
- David Tranberg

It is just amazing...after hunting unsuccessfully for so long I found your site...and it is so user friendly....the work was so urgent and this site was a great great help.
- Pooja Anand


  1. Hi,
    This is great, but i have a query on a slightly different line.

    When i convert a word document havning links ( written as, and convert to pdf via pdfonline, the link works just fine.

    However, when i put the link using Insert hyperlink ( Visit ABC Company and link to the website), and convert it at pdfonline, the formatting (blue unerlined ) is retained, while the link does not work

    Could you please advice how i can have the links working in a pdf docs , expecially when created using "Insert Hyperlink".

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Deepa,

    Unfortunatelly Doc2PDF Online does not support hyperlinks right now. You need to use our desktop product, BCL easyPDF Printer Driver, to do that.

    For more information, refer to the usermanual.

  3. Thank you,
    this clearly answers my query. just one small thimg.
    when does the free trial expire.. i couldnot locate that info..

    once again, thanks for sharing

  4. The free trial will never expire. It simply embeds a small watermark on the lower right corner of the PDF.

  5. ... sorry of the fact that is not possible to convert my ukrainian cyrillic pdf to a clear word form ... or may there be some way?

  6. Your service is amazing! Thank you for a very user-friendly, fast, reliable service.

  7. The information shared really has worth!!

    I usually look for such software that makes PDF to word conversion quick and easy. This is because I am into an IT business in which client interaction is involved. I send information in PDF file for security purposes. there are times when I need to respond to the client's queries in the form of a PDF file. Thus, I used to face problems as I had to type the complete document for answering a simple query.

    But converting PDF to Word online is simply awesome. This has reduced my work to a great extent. I was able to convert and make changes to the PDF as and when I wanted. The software is simply fabulous!!

  8. This PDF online is great worth software..

    Once iam (Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration) online registration the form after print application option is come.. my system not connected printer.. i look the PDF Online software install after create the pdf file. thanks to admin...