Thursday, December 08, 2011

Easy, Complete & Reliable PDF APIs

BCL easyPDF SDK allows you to quickly develop feature-complete and reliable PDF server apps by reducing the complexity of converting large-number of documents to PDF into as little as 3 lines of code.

Just imagine the usual programming steps that you have to take in order to convert a document to PDF. Not only you have to successfully launch the host application and open the document, but you also have to make sure that nothing happens during conversion. One little mishap can grind your application to a halt. And multiply that with the number of documents you need to convert and the number of processes you need to spawn.

BCL easyPDF SDK hides the complexity associated with converting a document into PDF and encapsulates it into as little as 3 lines of code.

1 | Set oPrinter = CreateObject ("easyPDF.Printer.7")
2 | Set oPrintJob=oPrinter.PrintJob
3 | oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\input.doc", "C:\output.pdf"

Feature Complete
BCL easyPDF SDK comes with all APIs that you may need in developing enterprise server and desktop applications:
  1. PDF Printer API - for Converting Printable Documents to PDF
  2. PDF Processor API - for Processing and Manipulating PDF
  3. PDF Converter API - for Rastering PDF into image
  4. PDF Document API - for Processing PDF Forms

BCL easyPDF SDK has robust error handling built into it to allow trouble free PDF creation, modification and merging. Threads are monitored for time-outs to make sure that they do not stop an application’s operation. Each thread in BCL easyPDF SDK is isolated from other thread and does not affect their operation.

BCL easyPDF SDK's speed and reliability have been tested in PDF Online, our free PDF converter service. PDF Online servers process thousands of PDF conversions per day (with 99% success rate) and runs 24x7 with no human operator.

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