Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Convert PDF to Word

How-To: For Programmers & System Integrators

Convert PDF to Word and Maintain Formatting

You can use BCL easyConverter SDK to easily and accurately convert PDF-to-Word within your applications with just 2 lines of code:

1 | Set oConverter = CreateObject ("EasyConverter.PDF2Word.3")
2 | oConverter.ConvertToWord ("C:\input.pdf", "C:\output.doc")

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Not a Programmer?

Use Our All-In-One PDF Tool

ALLPDF Converter is all you need to:
  • Convert PDF to Word (with all the formatting intact)
  • Create PDF
  • Merge PDFs

At the touch of a button, you can create PDF versions of your cover letter, the Excel quote, and your PowerPoint presentation. Then, just as quickly, you convert PDF to Word and get an accurate Word version for you to edit. Use the Merge feature to combine separate documents into one PDF file, in the exact order you want them in.

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