Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Add PDF Features to Your Dropbox Folder

easyPDF Cloud works with Dropbox, allowing you to convert and configure documents straight in your Dropbox folder. You can convert your files simply by dropping them into a Dropbox folder.

Setting up Dropbox Folder Monitoring is easy (Watch the Video).

First, create a conversion workflow with Dropbox input and just turn the “Monitor this folder for new files every 5 minutes” button to Yes.

Once you’ve finished your workflow, simply press “Done” on the workflow edit page & “Run” on your workflow and you will see this...

… from that point on, any file you place in specified Dropbox input folder will go through the workflow and appear in the specified output folder (Watch the Video). Sending someone a PDF document when you have Word, Excel, Powerpoint or even a webpage, is as simple as dropping the file into your dropbox folder. You don’t have to be on easyPDF Cloud, you don’t have to manually Run the workflow; you just have to drag and drop files to your Dropbox folder.